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Zero Trust Endpoint Protection Q2

Endpoint Protection

Why after 30 years, is malware still not contained and continues to pose a serious threat to even major organisations?

Identity and Access Management Q2

Identity and Access Management

How can we match authentication methods to the security profiles of different groups of employees and third-party suppliers? How secure is 2fa and is it worth deploying? What Biometric devices are on the market or coming to the market for remote security?

Cloud Security Q1

Cloud Security

What do you see as being the most impactful security concerns in the cloud in 2021 and what advice would you give to mitigate them?

Cloud Security Q2

Cloud Security

How should we run a cloud security assessment to quantify our level of potential risk? And how frequently should we run such an assessment?

Cloud Security Q3

Cloud Security

How do we recognise abnormal use patterns in the cloud that might indicate a security incident when you have more limited visibility of your data, services, and users?

Cloud Security Q4

Cloud Security

What cloud-specific governance and privacy policies should we adopt to accommodate probable regulatory changes in the near future, given Brexit and Gaia-X?

Cloud Security Q5

Cloud Security

What security and retention policies should we apply to data held in the cloud, over and beyond what we would apply to data held on prem, to minimize data leakage?

Cloud Security Q6

Cloud Security

How can we test incident response plans in the cloud, where you have only limited control over the cloud-based infrastructure on which we are dependent?

Cloud Mobility: The adoption of Containers and Kubernetes Q1

Cloud Mobility

What is the interrelationship between Micro-services / Containers / Kubernetes, and what’s the real difference between container and VMs? And how do you get started to make it work?

Cloud Mobility: The adoption of Containers and Kubernetes Q2

Cloud Mobility

What place should Kubernetes have in your strategic IT roadmap for the next say 3 years and what impediments might slow down their adoption?