Trusted Advisors

What is a Trusted Advisor?

For StrategyMix, a Trusted Advisor can be defined as an individual, who:

  • We recognise as being a subject matter expert and thought leader in their field, and who
  • In our estimation is likely to adhere to the principles of the Chatham House Rule, both in practice and in spirit

A Trusted Advisor might be a vendor or an end-user.

Why become a StrategyMix Trusted Advisor?

There are three key benefits:

  1. We will be able to demonstrate your thought leadership to senior IT decision makers
  2. You will be promoted on the StrategyMix platform as a Trusted Advisor
  3. You can "give back" to your community
What Trusted Advisors do

Trusted advisors provide honest advice. They disclose conflicts of interest. They respect their competitors. They think "long term".

Application Process

The first step is submit the application form. We will then setup an interview to discuss your areas of special expertise, and figure out what StrategyMix groups would work best for you, if you're not sure. However, if you do have a group preference, then you should select it in the application form.

Fees and Conditions

Fees apply for vendors, but not for end-users. To find out how much, submit the application form.

Application Form