About StrategyMix Groups - How they Work

StrategyMix Groups are part of a wider membership program that incorporates a regular series of virtual roundtables with an online portal called StrategyMix Insights, with members being drawn from both ANZ and the UK. This overall membership program is therefore both an online and offline experience.

The main purpose of StrategyMix Groups is to provide a Q&A platform that enables members to ask important questions, that are relevant to them, and then benefit from the combined wisdom of their peers and our trusted advisors.

We apply the Chatham House Rule to both the roundtables and to the online portal. This means that you are free to share content created within the group, but you are not free to reveal the identity of the individuals who made the comments, asked the questions, or provided answers without first obtaining their permission.

Joining a StrategyMix Group, automatically confers membership to the wider StrategyMix Membership Program, which means you will receive invites to our regular series of events, and to sign up for StrategyMix Insights online portal.