StrategyMix Membership Policy

Membership Eligibility

While anybody may join the StrategyMix Membership program, access to StrategyMix Groups and Events will vary depending on your membership type, seniority, company size, industry, job role, location, topic interests, responsiveness, feedback and past actions.

See: Group Access

Membership Types

There are three membership types:

  1. Non-IT Vendors who do not sell IT solutions or related services
  2. IT Vendors / Consultants, who do sell IT solutions and related services
  3. Trusted Advisors, who while they do sell IT solutions and services, are in the judgement of StrategyMix likely to provide value to the Non-IT Vendor Members.
Membership Fees

Membership is free for all Members except for of Trusted Advisors. See Trusted Advisors.

Membership Behaviour

All members are expected to treat all other members with respect and common decency. StrategyMix retains the right to suspend a members’ access, should they deem the members behaviour towards others is unacceptable.

Resigning your Membership

Members can resign at any time by clicking on Resign from the members dropdown menu.

When a member resigns, their membership record will be deleted together with any questions they have asked or answers they have given and any messages they have sent.

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