Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver

Roundtable: AI Strategies for CIOs

AI is developing fast, and while many companies have got as far as implementing Microsoft Copilot, very few have done anything that is truly transformative in terms of operational efficiency.

So, the main AI problem we will be trying to solve is how to coordinate the tech, talent and use case in such a way that it makes a measurable difference to productivity.

This is an opportunity for you to ask AI questions and learn from your peers as you continue to develop your AI strategy.

While the discussion will be led by the group, the sort of topics we can expect to be discuss, include:

  • Practical steps (you can take right now)
  • Data quality (and how to get your data AI ready)
  • AI risk, data security & privacy
  • Ethics & corporate policy
  • Implications for IT Infrastructure

This roundtable will be relevant for those that are looking to developing a portfolio of AI projects across multiple areas of the organisation, that actually make a difference in the relatively short term.

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12:00 to 13:00 (AEDT)
Friday 15 March 2024

Virtual Format

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