Panel Session: Protecting your brand and customers from digital risk

Accelerated digital transformation means that your customers expect to engage with you via online portals, social media support, and mobile apps. This is cost efficient and increases customer satisfaction. The problem is that Cybercriminals can capitalise on this expanding attack surface, by using fraudulent mobile applications, spoofed domains, and account impersonation to engage with, and then defraud your customers and do so in your name.

Good examples of the kind of questions we might expect to answer in the panel, include:

  • How do you stay ahead of your digital adversaries in 2021? What do you need to consider in terms of speed, context, automation and remediation to reduce digital risk?
  • What do you need to consider when developing a whole of business digital risk strategy to protect your brand and your customers?
  • How can we integrate digital risk into our cyber operations to improve visibility, compliance and operational efficiency?
  • How do you counter fraudulent scams, such as customer giveaway/coupons or crypto-currency opportunities that are offered in your name and delivered via popular social media sites and rogue mobile apps?
  • How do you effectively manage the removal of spurious content from social media posts and imposter domains and accounts?
  • How do you monitor and combat brand abuse and manipulation, particularly name impersonations with advanced disguising techniques?

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This panel session will be recorded, and the resulting output will be converted into a series of “Video Highlights”, where one video will cover one question. All registered delegates will receive an email notification with link to the videos as soon as they are produced. However, if you are unable to attend on the day, you can register now for just the video highlights.

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12:00 to 13:00 (UK)
Friday 25 March 2022



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Peter Stevens

Peter Stevens
Head of Security Operations
Royal London Group

Mike Bond

Mike Bond
Information Security Manager, Digital Investigations & Forensics

Ross Rustici

Ross Rustici
Global Head of Security Architecture and Threat Intelligence

Olga Polishchuk

Olga Polishchuk
Senior Director, Threat Analysis & Investigations


Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver