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Erik van Eekelen
Founder | Applied AI Expert & Consultant


Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver

Implementing an AI Web Agent to transform your website experience for customers

An AI Web Agent is nothing like the simple chatbots that you may be used it. It’s more of a ChatGPT-4 experience but with the interface being on your website and the answers being derived from your proprietary knowledgebase.

In this session, Erik van Eekelen will demonstrate the Icana AI Web Agent, which is a fully configured / in production solution that could be an ideal candidate for your first customer-facing AI-based application. He will then explain the different options for preparing and fine tuning your all-important knowledgebase.

To discuss:

  • Why an AI web agent is such a good first step on your AI journey – apart from the cost savings, the customer experience improvement, negligible risk, and relative ease to setup?
  • Are AI web agents likely to replace your level 1 inbound sales and customer service agents, and if so, what level of cost reduction is possible?
  • What’s involved in setting up a pilot program, so you can test the concept and prove the value of an AI web agent internally.

Who should attend:

This session will address the different perspectives of your organisation and will be of value to CIOs (technical), CEOs (strategic) and CMOs (branding / customer experience). You are welcome to register up to 3 delegates from your organisation.

Can’t wait for 08 March – How about a 1-to-1?

If you’d rather not wait for this event, we can setup a 1-to-1 call with Erik at a mutually convenient time. One advantage of this approach is that we can customise the discussion to make it more specific to your organisational needs. You can also invite as many colleagues as you like. To request a 1-to-1 session, you can use the contact us link.

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10:00 to 10:45 (AEDT)
Friday 08 March 2024

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