Graeme Cox

Graeme Cox
Founder & Principal Consultant


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Jonathan Calver

Friday Briefing: How to plan and effectively deploy AI into production

This session will be run by Graeme Cox and is designed for those who are looking to develop a robust AI strategy that you can take to the board, which allows you to submit sensible funding proposals, mitigates the many AI risks, and enables the company to take advantage of the huge opportunity that AI represents.

Graeme will primarily focus on the AI planning stage, and explain the workshop driven planning process that he uses to help companies identity AI projects in the sweet spot of minimal effort, low risk and the highest payback.

The AI planning stage incorporates three main pillars:

  • Value – ensuring that you measure the value in terms of ROI, that an AI project will deliver back to the organisation, be it increased sales, reduced costs, reputational, or strategic advantage.
  • Feasibility – determining the probability of success. Can you achieve your ROI? Is your data ready? Will your customers / employees accept the solution? Do you have the internal skills?
  • Advisability – is it likely to comply with future AI regulations? Is it a good idea for the company in the long run? It is the right thing to do, from a a legal & ethical perspective?

Virtual Format

This briefing will be run on Zoom in a highly collaborative, webcams on, environment. Following the 30-minute presentation, there will be plenty of time for questions with your peers – other CIOs who are developing their AI plans, just like you.

About Graeme Cox

Graeme Cox, an independent AI Consultant who has been working in AI since graduating with a degree in AI in the early 90’s. He has 2 AI patents and built a successful cyber security company focusing on AI driven early threat detection, which he sold to Dell SecureWorks.

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09:30 to 10:30 (UK)
Friday 15 March 2024

Virtual Format

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