Brenton Harley

Brenton Harley
Snr Solutions Engineer

BigID Demo: Data Visibility & Control | Data Driven Decision Making at Scale and Speed

Your data is like the shelves of supermarkets. The items or products on those shelves contain ingredients and have a shelf life. Stocktake once a year isn't a good way to manage risk. Regulatory compliance is designed to reduce some of the risk of collecting and storing data, but it's nearly impossible today to know exactly what is on every shelf, in every supermarket especially when someone might host the supermarket itself (cloud). Join us as BigID show you how to continuously understand what products you have, where there are duplicates and where those products have expired and should be removed from the shelves.

During this session we will cover some of the following in an easy, fun and enjoyable demonstration:

  • Connecting to your On-prem, Cloud and Hybrid data storage
  • Scanning and understanding structured, unstructured and semi structured data at speed and scale
  • Continual stocktake of data objects and their attributes 
  • Data driven decisions through BigID policy engine
  • Take complex legal and regulatory compliance and turn it into data driven automation, without the need to do it yourself
  • Using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to identify clusters of similar data
  • Understand ownership with correlation of data back to entities
  • Driving data retention, remediation and more with BigID

If a thief walked into aisle 9 of your supermarket, do you know what they had access to? Do you know what products you have, the ingredients that make them up and where they? So if you are looking for better data visibility and the insights that come with that visibility then join this webinar as BigID shows you how their platform can uncover dark data, identify high risk data, and take action for security, compliance, privacy, and governance for modern data lifecycle management. We look forward to meeting you!

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11:00 to 12:00 (AEST)
Thursday 13 July 2023

Virtual Format

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