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99% of AI value won't be from chat interfaces

Dawid Naude, Director, Pathfindr

Chat is only incremental The biggest mistake you’re making right now is thinking about AI in terms of ChatGPT, or chat interfaces. These assistant tools are great generalist support applications and a demonstration of the incredible power of LLM’s. But. They are a single step in a process, typically involving a lot of Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v, a lot of prompting, trial and error, to get a consistent outcome.

AI - Use what's in front of you instead of figuring out where you're going.

Dawid Naude, Director, Pathfindr

The first step your company should take is learning how to use ChatGPT properly. Very few do. There’s a lot of talk of AI, and businesses need to start tinkering right away. There is a huge opportunity accessible right now, right in front of you. You can completely automate processes with autonomous agents, have all your content created automatically for your learning management platform, and even enable the equivalent of a data science team with a few clicks.

Great AI, Great AI Responsibility

Nate Buchanan, COO & Co-Founder, Pathfindr

For every article, post, or video excitedly talking about the potential of AI, there is another one warning about its dangers. Given the press and hype around each new AI breakthrough, it’s no surprise that governments, business leaders, and academics are closely tracking the development of the technology and trying to put guardrails in place to ensure public safety.

Why You Need Good AI Governance

Nate Buchanan, COO & Co-Founder, Pathfindr

It may not be everyone's favorite corporate function....but it's very necessary. No corporate buzzword elicits as many reactions - most of them negative - as “governance”. Whether it’s a Forum, Committee, or Tribe, anything governance-related is often perceived as something that gets in the way of progress, even if people acknowledge that it’s necessary.

Macro security: The risks of allowing or blocking macros and a game-changing new approach

Sam Brazier-Hollins, Head of Cyber, oobe

Like so many technologies of yester-year, macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – the language macros are written in – were created in the days before ‘secure by design’. In this blog, Sam Brazier-Hollins, Head of Cyber, oobe gives a historical perspective on the Macro dilemma, discusses the risks of allowing and blocking macros and briefly explains how you can close the macro security gap.

It's not too late - You and your team might not be as far behind the AI adoption curve as you think.

Nate Buchanan Director, Pathfindr

Specifically, we’re going to unpack a particular finding in The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise, a report based on data gathered in 2023 and published by Menlo Ventures. Over 450 enterprise executives were surveyed to get their thoughts on how Gen AI adoption has been going at their companies.

How to choose, think about and what to do with your first company Copilot

Dawid Naude, Director, Pathfindr

Bots, like people, have two types of usefulness - knowledge and skills. Things it knows, and work it can do. In this Blog, Dawid Naude of Pathfindr provides practical advice to help you roll out or review your deployment of co-pilots and chatbots within your organisation, to generate both a short time impact and longer term strategic value.

You don't need great data to get wins with AI

Dawid Naude, Director, Pathfindr

I don’t know if it’s simply a convenient answer whilst there are hundreds of other competing priorities, or if it’s a misinformed opinion, but “our data isn’t ready yet to take advantage of AI” is something we hear regularly. Or similar variants like needing to spend 2024 getting data ready and then they’ll reassess AI in 2025.

AI for Private Equity

Nate Buchanan, Director, Pathfindr

Occasionally at The Path, we like to take a break from our regular, Pultizer-worthy content to write a deep dive on how AI can make a difference in a particular industry. This week we’re focusing on private equity and how GPs and their management teams can use AI to manage risk, optimize performance, and seize opportunities that others might miss.

AI for Quality Engineering

Nate Buchanan Director, Pathfindr

Continuing our AI series that we began in last week’s edition with our deep-dive on how AI can make a difference in private equity, this week we’ll focus on a capability instead of an industry.

5 No-Brainer Ideas to help you get started with AI

Dawid Naude, Director, Pathfindr

For all the hype around AI, it’s often not clear to business where they should get started. Some convince themselves they have a plan, you’re in this category if you say “We’ve given some people access to MS Copilot”. Let me guess - they seem to like the MS Teams meeting summarisation right?